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The Priority Sites Register (PSR) consists of a list of publicly available sites that EPA Victoria has issued a clean-up or pollution abatement notice to for regarding land and/or groundwater that presents an unacceptable risk to human health and/or the environment. The site is then usually subject to management such as clean-up, monitoring and/or institutional controls to reduce this risk..

Data access and currency

EPA Victoria updates the PSR on a monthly basis and we spatially locate and upload this data to the VVG portal within a day or two after receiving the updated information. The locations have been determined manually based on information given on the PSR on the 31st November 2017, as well as using historic maps and other publicly available data.

The site locations should be taken as a guide only, as in some instances not enough information is available to give an exact location. Twenty five sites for the November 2017 PSR are missing from the portal due to not having enough data to determine a location. A spreadsheet of the sites not included in the portal can be downloaded. 

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