Dynamic Landscapes

We seek new knowledge and innovative solutions to the grand challenges of managing land, water and ecology in a sustainable way, at a time of significant societal and environmental change for our regions. Dynamic Landscapes undertakes high quality, internationally relevant research and knowledge translation at the industry, policy and community levels to inform evidence-based decision making and transformative practice to produce world-class research outcomes.  Our research underpins our teaching practice in environmental and conservation science and engineering.  Our activities are truly interdisciplinary, integrating terrestrial and aquatic ecology, climate and geotechnical modelling, limnology, hydrogeology, soil science, social science and the application of advanced digital technologies.


Landscape Restoration and Rehabilitation

Leading-edge environmental engineering and ecological research to assist land-owners to recover landscapes disturbed by:

  • Mining
  • Fire
  • Agriculture
  • Climate

Water Systems

Creating resilient water systems through: innovative research; engagement with industry and relevant stakeholders; excelllence in higher education; and, a  focus on the production of high impact research outcomes.


Digital Agriculture and Agronomy

Our research will be focussed on:

  • Interoperable federation, spatial mapping and visualisation of agricultural data
  • New discoveries in Australian and international agronomic research
  • Quantifying the social, economic and environmental impacts of the data availability


Climate and Environmental Change

Driving integrated palaeoecology and palaeoclimate research to understand long-term variability and determine drivers and trajectories of change. Our research is foccused on:

  • Coastal and inland lakes and wetlands
  • Tropical cyclones
  • Human impact on the environment through time
  • Climate change and variability